Threading for hair removal has been around at least 5000 years.  It began in India and then spread across the Middle East, Asia and Europe.  In some cultures threading is actually a rite of passage to womanhood.  Threading has become very popular in the U.S. in recent years.  I have never seen a Black or Hispanic woman perform threading.  Nor have I seen any men perform this technique.  I have seen many women receive this hair removal technique from Indian and Asian women.  They are extremely fast and precise. I have only observed the eyebrow regions being done.  I’m not sure if threading, plucking or waxing is the most gentle and accurate.  Threading removes hair in lines while plucking removes one at a time.  Waxing removes hair in areas so it’s the quickest but not the most precise. Depilatories are chemical that dissolve the bonds in the hair shaft.  The shaft breaks at the skin and the hair can simply be scraped or wiped off.  I don’t recommend depilatories on the face.  Between these four I am going to conclude that they all are safe, effective, of minimal cost and get good but temporary results. This is a personal choice. We treat faces, chins, bikini areas, brazilians, legs, underarms, backs, chests and landing strips.