Surgery Consult


Safety is first and foremost when considering surgery.  The surgery consult accomplishes that through the performance of medical history, physical examination and laboratory testing.  During the initial consult, known as a cosmetic consult , valuable information and clinical data are collected from each patient. You will see the surgeon, discuss your desires and concerns and develop a treatment plan.  The treatment plan cannot be finalized until all the results are obtained, reviewed and it is determined that it is safe for you to proceed with surgery AND anesthesia.  It generally takes a few days to get all of the results.  The cost of testing is included in the preop consult fee.

The first step is the cosmetic consult, the next step in the surgery process is called the preop visit.  During the preop visit the surgery process is discussed in greater detail including a discussion of risks, recovery and expectations.  The before pictures are taken, measurements are taken and each patient meets with the manager to choose a surgery date and create their own payment plan.  The practice does not accept any form of insurance financing or billing.