Spider veins get their name from being web-like. They are normal veins of the skin that are visible through the skin.  They can be red, blue or purple in color are never raised and generally do not cause any medical problems. The large veins that you can feel when you rub your hands across the area are Varicose veins.  Those are more problematic and cause symptoms. As a rule, spider veins don’t cause any symptoms other than being unattractive.  The tendency to form spiders is inherited, more common in women, aggravated by pregnancy and jobs that require standing.  Prevention and management include compression hose and elevation of the feet whenever possible.   The treatment consists of injections of an agent that causes the veins to collapse permanently.  The average person requires 3 sessions each a month apart. The most common agent used is hypertonic saline.  Dr. Tinsley recommends STDS for ethnic skin as it is less likely to cause scarring in this population than hypertonic saline.