Scalp Therapy

Hair loss has become a worldwide epidemic. The number of people seeking professional help for hair loss doubled in this decade alone. The bald facts are that over 800 million people sought treatment for hair loss worldwide last year. Nearly 35% of the adult population in the United States is losing their hair. The UK is worse where 40% of men are balding at age 35. Most societies accept male pattern baldness as a normal part of the aging process. Not only are more men being affected by balding but in America alone there are 21 million women experiencing hair loss. Due to styling trends among Blacks in America children are now being seen for baldness.  The leading experts have long proposed a scientific approach to hair care and the treatment of scalp conditions.  In spite of some controversy in some areas we all agree that the condition of the hair, skin and body are all related.  You cannot expect healthy hair to grow from unhealthy skin.  The converse is also true, beautiful healthy hair is usually attached to beautiful healthy skin.  We offer services and products that treat hair loss in both men and women.