Mole Removal Orientation

Flawless Mole Removal, formerly known as Scarless Mole Removal does not require a consultation. This procedure was invented by Dr. Tinsley to treat the common moles that run in Black families.  These inherited moles do not become cancerous.  These moles do not require a biopsy. Unfortunately, other races have a much higher incidence of skin cancer and this procedure is therefore not appropriate for other races.  The typical mole has been described as Dermatitis Papulosa Nigrans (DPN) .  Anyone of any race can have DPN, but Asians and Hispanics tend to have other moles in addition to DPN.  American Whites tend to have more suspicious moles than DPN. Blacks tend to only have DPN.   In order to differentiate the condition in Blacks from other races, Dr. Tinsley has coined the term Benign Pigmented Hereditary Nevi or BPHN.  Black BPHN is therefore different from DPN in other races and is treated as such.

No-Obligaton Mole Removal Orientation

Chicago-Skin-and-Mole-Removal-DoctorThe no-obligation Orientation includes a 19 minute video that details the procedure, after care, risks and expectations. After watching the orientation video the procedure is scheduled.  There are two prescriptions and two products needed for this procedure.  The staff will coordinate the procedure, the products and the prescriptions.  Everything is delivered to the office as a matter of convenience for mole removal patients.

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