G-spot Shot

The G-spot is “the spot” as in, you hit “the spot”.   The human body has several different nervous systems.  Some of those systems function subconsciously. For example the autonomic system controls the organs.  Your kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, intestines for example don’t require your thought to function.  I know some teenagers that are so lazy they would take a break from breathing if they could. This is the autonomic nervous system a part of the peripheral nervous system (PNS).  The PNS also has a motor component and a sensory component.  The motor component coordinates all of your movements.  When you decide to sit, crawl, walk or run, you activate the motor component.

There is also a sensory component to the PNS.  This system communicates things you feel with the brain.  The brain is the Central Nervous System.  Sensory nerve endings are specialized.  The nerves that feel pin prick don’t feel heat.  Every sensation has a specialized nerve ending to detect it.  The nerves that detect vibration will not detect pin prick or heat.  The g-spot is a bundle of specialized nerve endings that transmit erogenous sensation.  The clitoris contains these same specialized nerves.  The pea sized g-spot is in the midline, roof of the vagina about 4-8 cm (2-3inches) from the opening.  Stimulation of the g-spot causes incredible sexual stimulation, irresistible arousal, volcanic orgasms and possibly even female ejaculation.  The g-spot shot injects filler in the area of the spot making it easier to stimulate.  The easier the g-spot is to stimulate the more effective this treatment is.  It is not likely to help a woman who is not orgasmic.  If you are not orgasmic it is still worth the chance that it may work.  If a woman is orgasmic this will heighten her orgasms, depending on the source.  Vaginal orgasms result from penetration.  Clitoral orgasms result from direct clitoral stimulation.  You can stimulate the clitoris without stimulating the vagina but it is almost impossible to stimulate the vagina without stimulating the clitoris.  Many experts believe the g-spot is an extension of nerves from the clitoris.
The G-spot shot can be extended to the base of the Clitoris in which case it is called an O-spot shot.  Women who are primarily clitoral benefit greatly from this additional treatment. If a woman has vaginal orgasms this will add to her experience.  If a woman has clitoral orgasms this elevates her experience to something extraordinary.   Beware, neural stimulation can result in sexual seizures and sexual fainting.   Cosmetic gynecology is a group of elective procedures designed to improve the physical appearance and sexual experience of any woman desiring such for any reason.  Our Gynecology associates perform the cosmetic Gynecology procedures.