Flawless facial

The Signature Flawless Facial is a seven step facial that combines a traditional deep pore facial with microdermabrasion and hi-frequency stimulation. This is the best possible professional facial service available. The physicians designed this facial for both maintenance and therapeutic uses. The deep pore facial component provides the nourishment, deep cleansing, extractions and pore reduction necessary to rejuvenate the skin to its depths. The microdermabrasion component exfoliates, tightens and reduces wrinkles. The Flawless Center for Cosmetic Medicine use Physician Model Microdermabrasion Equipment. Electrostimulation increases blood flow, kills Signature Flawless Facial is recommended monthly for treatment, every other bacteria. The month for blemished skin and every third month for healthy skin. For the very best results I recommend you first obtain a skin consult from one of the physicians to first create a Flawless skin program for you. Call today to achieve flawless beautiful skin for a life time.