Willa N. Fresno, CA

Great Morning sir. My question to you is. Are you able to reconnect and lift the breast when it’s been split from wearing the wrong bra?

 Dr. Tinsley:

That area on the side that hangs over the bra is called an “axillary tail”.  They can look like an extra breast.  The best treatment is removal of the fatty tissue with Liposculpture.


Camila T. Houston, TX

I saw that you are a plastic surgeon. Do you perform breast augmentations?

Dr. T:  Yes, we perform breast augmentations with saline implants or fat transfer.  We do not use gel or silicone.


Barbara B. Chicago, IL

Is there a way breast implants can look more natural? My mom had a mastectomy and opted not to receive breast implants. The concern was her breasts would look brand new but the rest of her body is still aging. Is there some type of blending technique?

Dr. T:  The new reconstructed breast matching the other breast is the goal. It is not unusual to operate on both breasts to get them to look alike. As a result she will have two new breasts.  Most consider new breasts preferable to just one breast.


G.O.M.A.B Minneapolis, MN

Would you recommend for women of color to have a Brazilian wax done? Will it cause for discoloration of the skin?

Dr. T: Women of all races feel strongly about hair removal.  Some prefer to shave, others prefer wax, and some prefer depilatories. We perform waxings in our office for Black women routinely. We use an anti-inflammatory waxing technique on all women to avoid irritation or discoloration, especially Black women.

Marissa G. Memphis, TN

Can a breast reduction be performed without scarring?


Dr. T:Sorry, that is not possible.  The trade off is a scar to eliminate the pain. 

Bianca D. Long Beach CA

If you have breast augmentation, will the nipples be centered? Where will the scar be located? Will mammogram damage a breast procedure, implants or otherwise?


Dr. T:  The nipples will continue to point in the same direction.  There is a small scar hidden in the crease under the breasts.  If the implants are under the muscle, they will not interfere with a mammogram.  If they are on top of the muscle, it may make it difficult to read the mammogram.


Tytrea B. San Jose, TX

What and how do I know if I have good skin elasticity?


Dr. T:  The snap back test: slide the skin on the back of one hand with a finger of the other hand, then let go, how fast it snaps back is a measure of elasticity.  After checking yourself, try it with a younger person’s hand.  The advantage of Liposculpture over Liposuction is that it tightens the skin as well as removing fat.


Regina P. Albany, NY

Do you perform scar reduction/removal surgery with major success?


Dr. T:  Yes, virtually every scar can be improved, but not eliminated.

Delandis N. Knoxville, TN

Does your practice recommend or sell home acne removal/maintenance products?


Dr. T:  Yes, we have formulated products for adult Acne, which is very different from teen Acne.  These products can purchased online and shipped ar picked up at the office.  The best results are achieved by those who start with a skin consult and enroll in the Flawless skin program.

Marsha G. Chicago, IL

I want to look refreshed not like I’ve had a lot of work done…is that possible? Where would we begin?

Dr. T:  If a stranger can tell you had work done, the work was not well done.  You would need to be seen to determine exactly what your needs are.  I get Botox myself

Peter P. San Jose TX

Do you assist teenagers with acne?

Dr. T: There are plenty of products and professionals for teens.  I specialize in adult Acne which is very different.

Nakiah R. Lincoln, Nebraska

The question i get is with all the skin products such as proactive or aveeno, does your skin develop a dependency on your products or can your skin go a while without using the product. Basically what sets your product aside from all the rest?

Dr. T:  Anytime you are switching from one product line to another, we recommend that you do so slowly.  If you stop a product that the skin is used to and start another product, many people react or even breakout.  It’s not because of the new product it’s because the chemistry of the skin was changed too quickly.  I recommend you start my products at night and continue your usual product regimen in the morning.  Gradually replace the day time products as they run out.  Our cleanser is such an effective cleanser it will remove the residue of another cleanser.

Yolanda M. Chicago, IL

What can be done for the wrinkly skin on the neck?

Dr. T:  There are different types of neck wrinkles.  Crepe paper skin is best treated with chemical peels or Laser resurfacing.  Vertical wrinkles require surgery.  Wrinkles with a full chin require Lipo and tightening.

Diane B. London, England

We know hyper-pigmentation is very common in black skin, can it be reversed? Also how can those areas be treated?


Dr. T:   Black skin is very sensitive to inflammation. If you let the area heal, the inflammation resolve and the color come back at the same time, Black skin will likely get a dark spot.  Black skin doesn’t care what causes the inflammation, it’s how Black skin responds to inflammation.  That’s true for pimples, surgery and even dark circles under the eyes from sinus inflammation. The best treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is prevention.  Healthy skin is less likely to respond with a dark spot.

Michael D. Chicago, IL

How does one care for their skin after any procedure (botox, microderm, partial face lift, total face lift, lip injections, etc.)? Do men get these services?

Dr. T: Healthy skin responds better to every challenge. You can’t possibly have flawless beautiful skin unless you first have healthy skin A good result, therefore, begins before a procedure.  The specific needs will be explained at the time of the procedure.  Yes, men get these services.

Elizabeth M. San Antonio, TX

When treating blemishes, would you recommend chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments? What would be the average number of sessions required?

Dr. T: Neither.  These are the 4 steps to Flawless beautiful skin: 1. Water 2. Colon 3. Products 4. Services.  Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and facials would be in step 4 if indicated.  The condition of the Colon has a lot to do with the condition of the skin.

David B. Chicago IL

Do you perform hair removal procedures? Can it cause cancer?

Dr. T: We perform all manner of hair removal.  I have never heard of cancer being associated with hair removal.

Yanneth M. Westchester County, NY

What causes Vitiligo?

Dr. T: Autoimmune disorders where the body attacks itself and stress are probably the most common causes.  This condition is extremely difficult to treat.

Emma J. Kingston Jamiaca

Can you spot remove dark spots on your body?

Dr. T:  Yes with the Cleansing Soufflé and Flawless compound nightly.

Rita P. Evanston, IL

Can you permanently remove the coarse hairs beginning to sprout on my face and chin? Will hair removal on my face cause any scarring?

Dr. T: We provide waxing and Laser hair removal.  There is no such thing as permanent hair removal.  Laser results in Permanent hair reduction.  Regrowth will be extremely slow but regrowth will occur.  Neither should cause scars.

Daniel L. New York, NY

What causes spots in the scalp in men who are bald?

Dr. T:  I would have to see the spots.  Baldness doesn’t cause spots, baldness just reveals them, making them easy to see.

Nora J. –  Orland Park, IL

Hi Dr. Tinsley , did you know of  anything for thinning edges?

Dr. T: We send all of our female patients with thinning or balding to a Trichologist for a scalp scan and scalp exfoliation.  We then use that information to create a treatment plan for regrowth of the hair.  Over the counter products that are effective and safe for men have undesired side effects in women.

Tonia K. Olympia Fields, IL

What’s the best treatment for correcting inflamed hair follicles and smoothing out the skin? (Raised bumps under the chin)

Dr. T: That depends on what caused the irritation.  Healthy skin is less likely to become inflamed.  I would first perform a scalp scan to make a diagnosis.  Plucking and tweezing can be hard on the skin especially dehydrated skin.  Step #1 is always adequate water intake, which for the average person is 64 ounces a day.

Tyler H. Denver CO

What is lichen planus? Is it common among African Americans? How is it treated?


Dr. T: It’s a rash which can make the skin extremely thick and alligator like.  It is not cancer and it is not contagious.  It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks itself, specifically the skin or inside the mouth.

Nekia P., Barrington, IL

How to permanently remove unwanted facial hairs?

Dr. T: I’m sorry to say, there is no such thing as permanent hair removal.  Laser lasts the longest but it’s not permanent.

Judith S.  New York, NY

Do you use water liposuction ?

Dr. T: No, I prefer Laser Liposculpture, its safer, faster and more effective than all other forms of Liposuction.  Liposuction removes fat and you look good in your clothes.  Liposculpture removes fat and tightens the skin, so you look good out of your clothes! 

Matthew M West Burlington, Iowa

Who are the best candidates for liposuction of the abdomen and flank area? Can men be candidates for this?

Dr. T: Great candidates BMI less than 31, this is the sculpting category.  Good candidates BMI 31-34, contouring category.  BMI 34-38, reduction category and this group frequently needs more than one procedure to achieve their goals.  This applies to both sexes

Tiffany J. Orland Park, IL

How will I know that I need Liposculpture vs a tummy tuck?

Dr. T: Examination.  If your muscles are separated by pregnancy; and your BMI is less than 31 you will likely need a tummy tuck, if your BMI is greater than 31 you will likely need Lipo first then a tummy tuck later if you wish to be absolutely flat.

Sarah W. –  Detroit, MI

What is the recovery time for Liposculpture?

Dr. T: Surgery on Friday, follow up on Monday, back to work on Tuesday, sutures out in 2 weeks, come out of garment in 6 weeks, after pics at 3 months.

Stephanie S.  –  Atlanta, GA

How does abdominal liposuction differ from a tummy tuck?

Dr. T: There is no cutting with Lipo.  Lipo only addresses fat.  Tummy tuck addresses skin, fat and muscle.  A large segment of skin and fat is actually removed, cut away with a tummy tuck. 

Tiffany F. –  New York City, NY

Will I have scars after a tummy tuck?

Dr. T: Yes the scar has to be as long as the area that is hanging.  The new Liposculpture actually tightens the skin and eliminated the need for a lot of tummy tucks.  The only people that “need” a tummy tuck are those women whose muscles were separated by pregnancy.  Occasionally I will recommend we do Lipo first then return for a tummy tuck.  Some people need more than one procedure to achieve their desired result.

Nichole O. Springfield, IL

Will I be able to have children if I get a tummy tuck?

Dr. T: Yes you can have children after a tummy tuck.   Keep in mind that the only thing that ruin a tummy tuck is pregnancy.   I wouldn’t recommend a tummy tuck at all if you are still considering having more children.

Jason M. –  Miami, FL

Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

Dr. T:  BMI less than 31 is in the sculpting category, BMI 31-34 is in the contouring category, BMI 34-38 is in the reduction category and BMI greater than 38 is not a candidate.

Pam B. –  Oakland, CA

Is the tummy tuck an outpatient procedure? Can you do Lipo and tummy tuck at the same time?

Dr. T:  Yes, tummy tuck is an outpatient procedure, you go home the same day and must be accompanied by an adult the first 24 hours.   You cannot suck and tuck the same area at the same time it’s dangerous.  You can tuck the abdomen and suck the thighs but you cannot suck and tuck the abdomen at the same time.  When you hear someone had their tummy tucked and sucked at the same time, they did not have a real tuck.

Rena W. –  Evanston, IL

Hi I was interested in liposuction, how long do I have to be off work?

Dr. T: With Laser Liposculpture, typically, surgery on Friday, follow up on Monday, back to work on Tuesday.

Keisha C. –  Tinley Park, IL

During consultations are there any special requirements prior to having larger areas of plastic surgery done? As far as weight loss, iron supplements, labs drawn weekly, biweekly, monthly. Do the red blood cells need to be at a certain level?

Dr. T: We perform a CBC, PT/INR, Chem 7 on all surgery patients to assure the procedure is safe for both anesthesia and surgery.  If the tests are abnormal surgery will not be performed.  A onetime lab draw is all that’s necessary.  Abnormalities are managed by primary care physicians before surgery can be performed.

Laura W. – Calumet City, IL

How long before you can start exercising after a tummy tuck or Lipo? How many follow ups after Lipo or tummy tuck?

Dr. T: You can return to working out 2 weeks after Lipo, 6 weeks after a tummy tuck.  Day 4, week 2, week 6, month 3, month 6, 1 year are the usual follow ups.

Michelle T. –  Hammond, IN

With fat transfer, will you have the cellulite appearance? Can you have fast transferred to your breast? Will it add fullness and or perkiness?

Dr. T:  Cellulite is actually a problem between skin and muscle, because fat is in between the condition appears lumpy.  Fat transfer will not cause cellulite.  Yes, you can a breast augmentation with your own fat.

Cynthia R. – Chicago, IL

What is the difference between a panniculectomy and a tummy tuck?

Dr. T: A full tummy tuck is a tuck both above and below the navel.  A mini-tuck, also known as a panniculectomy is below the navel only.

Crystal W. –  University Park, IL

Referral for a local place for post/op rest? How soon can an out of towner fly after laser Lipo?

Dr. T: Our website has a travel link to assist out of town patients.  You can fly on day 4 after your post op check

Shanna H. – Chicago, IL

If a person has a muscular or straight up and down shape, can you create a curvy look with Lipo and fat transferred to the butt and hips without their body going back to the original shape after time has gone by?

Dr. T: If the person’s weight is stable the result is stable and permanent.

Laurie N. – Atlanta, GA

What is the maximum number of surgical procedures can I have performed at once? Can I get a tummy tuck and a thigh lift at the same time?

Dr. T: It’s not the number of procedures but the magnitude of each.  We routinely combine minimally invasive procedures.  You cannot get a thigh lift and tummy tuck at the same time by me.

Bill B. –  Hammond, IN 

Can a person with congestive heart failure get a tummy tuck?

Dr. T:  No, a person with CHF cannot get anesthesia on an elective basis under any circumstances.

Debby K. –  Boise, ID

What type of massage do you need after tummy tuck?

Dr. T: You don’t.  After Lipo, a lymphatic drainage massage is occasionally helpful.

Angie S. Philadelphia, PA

With the liposuction I see the rod going in and out real fast. I’m a worry wart, what’s done to ensure no vital organs are hit??

Dr. T: We use the LASER, so we don’t do that at all.  There are no organs in the external fat compartment.  Organs are not involved, touched or even seen with these procedures.

Latanya W. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

How to avoid skin from keloid after surgery?

Dr. T: There are two different types of Keloids.  In systemic Keloidosis a keloid cannot be avoided.  In inflammatory Keloiditis, controlling inflammation avoids keloid formation.

Thomas W. – Chicago, IL

How do you get rid of keloid scars?

Dr. T: Injections, KeloidX compound, massage, silicone sheets, paper tape and in some cases removal.