The Results

The average person loses three pounds per week with the Corset, 2 pounds per week without. Adding this program to a stalled diet and exercise regimen can result in a 5 pound per week weight loss.

The Physiology

This program is safe in Hypertension and Diabetes and does not use any harsh ingredients

(Cyanocobalamin) increases red blood cell production, which increases Oxygen carrying capacity, which increases Oxygen delivery and Aerobic Metabolism in all cells, tissues and organs. B12 pills are good, B12 sublingual is better, B12 injections are best, especially for women. B12 injections are safe to get as much as once a week.

Flawless Total Body Weight Loss Program

There are 3 components to weight loss, diet, exercise and metabolism After the age of 30 the metabolism slows, especially in women over 30 who have had children If your metabolism is sluggish, it doesn’t matter how much you don’t eat or do exercise, it’s difficult to lose weight The Flawless Weight Loss Program emphasizes metabolism boosting . The program is safe for Hypertension and Diabetes and does not use any harsh drugs.

The Program


B12 once a month to boost metabolism. B12 pills are good, B12 sublingual is better, B12 injections are best.

Flawless Metaboblast

A proprietary blend of minerals and micronutrients injected monthly to potentiate the energizing effects of B12

Chromium One

Chromium One a day to mobilize calories stored as fat. In essence you are feeding yourself with the Calories stored in your body as fat. The individual fat cells get smaller, the fat compartment gets smaller, and you get smaller. Chromium also provides some protection from Diabetes in at risk individuals.

Flawless Snack Protectant and Appetite Suppressant

This all-natural proprietary blend protects from unconscious snacking and suppresses appetite. The most common culprit for unconscious snacking is the work place. There is data that suggests that women that work with women tend to be heavier, on average, than women who work with men. This is attributed to the fact that women tend to be nurturing and therefore share their favorite high Calorie snacks with their co-workers. The more women in the work place, the more recipe and snack sharing. The second most common culprit is the family. It is very difficult for a family member with an increasing metabolism to be satisfied by the same meals as an older family member with a declining metabolism. After the age of 30 the metabolism declines. This is particularly true for women who have had children. These same children snack often and require complex carbohydrates, meat and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. The Flawless Snack Protectant and Appetite Suppressant gently reduces Caloric intake, boosts energy and curbs cravings. Decreasing caloric intake favors burning Calories stored as fat leading to weight loss.

30 Day Detox

Although diet is very important, a dirty diet and a clean colon is better than a clean diet and a dirty colon. The normal gastro-colic reflex causes a bowel movement with every meal. If you do not have a bowel movement with every meal you are accumulating toxins. The Flawless 30 Day Total Body Detox cleanses and strengthens the colon. You will sleep better at night, feel better rested in the morning have more energy during the day, your attitude or disposition may improve and your libido or sex drive may even increase, by eliminating the toxins resting in your colon. At the end of the 30 day most note an overall improvement in the condition of their skin, contour of their abdomen and a loss of weight.


Our Nutritionist provides oversight to customize the needs of each client. She focuses on life-style changes that favor muscle development and boosting energy and metabolism. Most people join programs with the idea that they wish to lose weight. With supervision the participants in the Flawless Weight Loss program come to understand that they are not “trying to lose weight” they are in fact “trying to lose fat”. Metabolism boosting and a gradual progressive increase in activity favor muscle development. Muscle and fat cannot coexist. As muscle tone and bulk increase fat is displaced. Keep in mind muscle is 25 times heavier than fat. A golf ball of muscle weighs the same as a basketball of fat. Participants note that their dress sizes decrease more rapidly than their weight. This is encouraging and exactly what we want. Calorie reduction alone without supporting muscle actually reduces the metabolism. When your metabolism decreases you can eat less and actually gain weight. Calorie reduction combined with muscle support increases metabolism, improves condition, overall health and reduces total body fat content. We have that this is the most effective strategy for long term fat reduction. You will feel good and look good.