Breast Augmentation Chicago

There are several very important decisions about breast augmentation surgery.  Timing is everything.  Do you plan on getting pregnant anytime soon?  If yes, then no. You cannot predict what’s going to happen to the breast with pregnancy. Pregnancy may you leave you with that full C –cup you always wanted. I had a patient just like this.  She came in with her newly wed husband wanting a breast augmentation.  I advised her to wait.  She had twins, breast fed them both, loved her breasts.  A year later she was back to a negative A cup.  We did the implants then.

Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants

Next question what size would you like to be.  You cannot jump from A to D and expect to look natural.  Two cup sizes up is reasonable.  You can go from B to D but not A to D.  The next question is the approach.  I only use saline so silicone is not even discussed. Why bother?  You can go thru the belly button, under the arm, around the areola or directly underneath the breast in the crease.  The direct approach is the safest and has the fewest complications.  Unless you make a living exposing your breast I recommend the direct approach.  The direct approach will not tolerate a poor scar.  The wound should be short, closed in layers with minimal inflammation of the edges.n.

Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer

The next question answers the question after that.  The next thing to discuss is whether or not the implant is put under the muscle or on top of the muscle.  If the implant is under the muscle it is more likely to stay soft, less likely to be seen or heard and stays warm in the winter time.  In addition underneath the muscle does not interfere with mammograms.  Why would anyone put the implant on top of the muscle? In skilled hands under the muscle takes an hour on top 15 minutes. It’s easier for the surgeon.  The surgery required to create that pocket under the muscle requires more skill as well.  The immediate complication rate is higher under the muscle.  The long term complication rate is higher on top of the muscle.  If the decision is made to put the implant under the muscle the shape doesn’t matter.  A tear drop implant becomes round when squeezed by the overlying muscle. If on top then the tear drop actually looks nice. Female body builders should always be underneath the muscle.  The problem is their muscle is extremely well developed. The implant underneath this dense muscle will meet with more resistance. Their recovery is going to be more painful.  As a result many docs just put the implant on top. They recover in days instead of weeks but they look like they have implants.

Today’s implants actually come with a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty. The body sees the implant as foreign material and forms a capsule around it.  This is normal.  The body reacts this way to all implanted devices including heart pacemakers.  The capsule can harden.  If this happens the breast will feel hard. The hardness can actually progress to something called capsular contracture and deform the breast.  This is less likely to happen if the implant is underneath the muscle.  Fortunately this is fixable and does not happen often. In the event that the implant deflates the manufacturer will replace it with two implants at no charge and reimburse some of the cost associated with replacement surgery.  Today’s implants are for life.