Looking good is not a crime.  Aging is normal, looking older then you feel is not.  There are people who are very critical of those of us who get cosmetic procedures. These same people try and justify their position by saying that Botox is a poison. Botox is indeed a toxin. It is produced by a bacterial organism named Clostridium Botulinum.  Infection by this organism is called botulism, which has killed people.  It was known as the sausage infection because it arose from eating bad meat.  Every medication known to man evolved from nature.  Any medication used improperly can cause problems, Botox is no different. So the people who are comparing botulism infection with Botox injection are just poorly informed, or trying too hard. I call them haters and keep it moving.

Every doctor doesn’t do this, I numb the skin with a topical anesthetic before the injections.  The average person needs about 40 units. With my mix each injection is 4 units so that’s 10 shots.  The needle used is a 30 gauge which is tiny and less irritating then a mosquito bite. Most people feel nothing with this approach.  Some note little pinches.  A single injection treats an area about the size of a dime. The muscles that cause crow’s feet around the eyes, bunny lines across the nose are small and thin so they get smaller doses.  Using Botox to elevate the corners of the mouth takes 4-8 units.  It takes 3-7days before you will see the results.  Quit looking in the mirror.  It always works.  I have never seen this product not work. By the way, nobody gets that startled joker looking frozen face any more either.  It’s very important to know your landmarks especially when working and injecting around the eyes.  If the Botox gets to close it can temporarily droop an eyelid.  Note, I said temporarily.  That’s another nice feature of Botox.  If there is a side effect it is generally temporary. The doctors reputation and experience are important in avoiding bizarre “news making” complications.  It is projected that Botox alone will reach 2.9 billion dollars in annual sales worldwide in the near future.  That’s a lot of people. Done correctly, which is actually pretty easy, you can’t tell if a person has had Botox. All of your good looking friends are getting it, they just aren’t telling you