Botox is a treatment for dynamic wrinkles, most commonly the forehead.  Look in the mirror, a wrinkle present at rest is not a dynamic wrinkle and is best treated by filler not Botox.  At rest means you are not using your muscles of facial expression.   A wrinkle that appears with muscle action is considered a dynamic wrinkle.  This occurs when you  frown or raise your eyebrows or laugh and smile.  When you raise your eyebrows wrinkles may appear transveresly across your forehead.  When you frown wrinkles may appear vertically between your eye brows.  One wrinkle is called a “1”, two vertical lines is called an “11” , three vertical lines between the eyebrow is called a “111”(one-eleven). Pursing of the lips may create wrinkles radially around the mouth especially in smokers which is treatable by Botox.  Some people get diagonal creases on the nose when they laugh, these are known as bunny lines.  Squinting can cause wrinkles right around the eyes, these are known as “crows feet”.

Why Should You Get Botox

Botox is an excellent treatment for all of these dynamic wrinkles.  I actually have been getting Botox to my forehead for several years and I like the way I look.   According to the manufacturer Botox lasts for 4 months.   Because Botox works by relaxing muscles if you get subsequent treatments before the muscle fully recovers, it lasts longer.  I have gotten 20 months out of my last dose.

Are there any risks from Botox?  Yes.  Botox should only be administered by learned professionals.  We also only use Allergan manufactured Botox approved by the FDA.  We never use any of the Botox alternative products.  I use it on my own face and I am very happy as are our patients.