Asian Ear Candling

In Asian ear candling, a hollow candle is inserted into the outer ear canal and lit.  This is not a wax candle.  There is no dripping wax, no risk of getting burned if performed correctly.  The candles are sold at health food stores, but you should not do this to yourself.  Most estheticians perform this service. and of course my offices do.  The passages of the skull and face are interconnected.  The candle creates a vacuum and the debris from your facial passages and sinuses is pulled into the candle.  Initially he smoke is black and cloudy, then grey then finally white and wispy. When the smoke becomes wispy the service is done.  The longer the smoke stays black the more debris there is.

I know it’s hard to believe.  If you have sinus problems get it done.  You might completely eliminate the need for nasal sprays from your life.  The seasonal sinus infections you get may go away permanently.  Even people who get severe ear pain from air travel can benefit.  If this is you, try it.  You feel the difference immediately, actually while it’s being done. When the procedure is done ask that the candle be cut open so you can see what came out of you.  The debris is in the candle.   The first time I witnessed the service being done the patient said “I can feel stuff coming up the back of my throat”. Wait a minute.  Stuff doesn’t go up the back of your throat, stuff goes down the back of your throat. That particular patient could feel the vacuum sensation.