Adult acne and teen acne are not the same.  Teen acne involves the glands of the skin, bacteria and the hormone surge of puberty.

If you are over 25 and have pimples, you already know that puberty is not the problem. Similar to teens, hormones can play a role if you are a woman,  and then, pimples are associated with your monthly cycle. True adult acne however, is not associated with the monthly visitor. It is extremely frustrating to have had flawless skin throughout your teen years and all of a sudden you are over 30 and you are breaking out frequently and severely.  Any age over 30, you may have difficulty accepting that the most common cause of adult acne is constipation.

The first step to curing adult acne is getting the skin and body well hydrated. If you don’t already drink 64oz of water a day, start today.  It will take several weeks for your body to get used to the water and you will urinate a lot. That will slow down in about 3 weeks. It’s worth it.

The next step is the 30 day Total Body Detox. (More information for the Total Body Detox is available under the store tab)