Laser Liposculpture

Laser Liposculpture also known as 3-phase internal laser liposculpture is very different from laser liposuction. Laser liposuction is an external procedure. Laser liposculpture combines internal fat removal and internal skin tightening into a single procedure. There are three phases to laser liposculpture. Each phase contributes significantly to the final result. The first phase inserts a high frequency ultrasound directly into the fat compartment thru tiny puncture wounds. This first phase actually melts the fat. In the second phase, tumescent suctioning is used to actually remove the melted, liquefied fat. In the third and final phase, a high energy laser is inserted and this laser tightens the skin from the inside, concluding the procedure. The typical liposculpture procedure takes approximately one hour to do all 3 phases for the entire abdomen, both sides and the back, in one procedure at the same time.

Because of excess skin from pregnancy and aging, this is the preferred procedure for women over 30 who have had children. In our opinion, the added skin tightening is a significant advantage over all other forms of liposuction including smart lipo, aqualipo, tickle lipo, wet lipo and traditional tumescent liposuction alone. In addition this procedure has eliminated the need for tummy tucks in many cases. Typically the procedure is performed on Fridays, follow up is on Mondays and patients return to work on Tuesday. The pain with this new technique is minimal compared to the other forms of lipo.

Which Type Of Laser Liposuction Would Be Best For Me?

 A common question asked here at Flawless. Good candidates for tumescent liposuction are individuals who are just a little “poochy” with no hanging skin. Essentially, an individual that has children, has stretch marks and has hanging skin would be good candidates for laser liposculpture. Ultimately, you would have to be assessed by our physician to determine which liposuction would benefit you best.

What Is The Recovery Period For Laser Liposuction?

The recovery time for liposuction is just 3 days of bedrest. Patients are usually up and walking on day 3. When the procedure is performed on Friday most people return to work on Tuesday. Swelling and bruising are to be expected for days to weeks. Postoperative massage can speed the recovery process. A compression garment is necessary for 6 weeks following this procedure.

Do I Need A Consultation For Laser Liposculpture?

Yes! Consultations for liposuction are vital. During your initial visit with the plastic surgeon a medical history and physical examination are done as well as lab tests. It is important to determine that the desired procedure is safe for both the surgery as well as the anesthesia.