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Annual Cost $100


Surgery Benefits/Plastic Surgery

Free Preoperative Consults

Members can now enjoy an opportunity to inquire about procedures without any financial obligation.  The entire $200 preop consultation fee incurred by non-members is waived for members.  In addition members are notified of any procedure specials which may be offered from time to time by the office.  These specials result in significant savings.

Surgery Financing

Flawless is very proud to announce low interest financing for members eager to schedule their procedure on a date that may not be financially convenient.  We understand how the joy of a great result can progressively diminish with long term high interest payments.We heard you and we responded. We now offer flexible payment plans and a number of finance options. Feel free to inquire during your next visit.

Cosmetic Medicine

Product Specials

Your skin is an organ, in fact, the largest organ of your body.  The Flawless product line was developed to support and nourish your skin. Our philosophy is based on the fact that you must have healthy skin to achieve Flawless beautiful skin.  Product Specials are offered to members only.

Procedure Discounts

Flawless regularly offers discounts to members for their most popular procedures including Flawless Mole Removal, invented by Dr. Tinsley

Service Features

The Flawless 7 step facial and microdermabrasion are always available to members at a fraction of the nonmember price. Laser hair removal and other services are also featured regularly.

Lifestyle & Livelihood Benefits

Flawless has evolved from a health care practice dedicated to caring for it’s patients to a community dedicated to the health, wealth and well being of it’s members. We are excited to extend our business partnership services to all of our members.  There will be regular seminars to introduce each of the following service offerings

Book Travel

Flawless has partnered with Priceline and XStream Travel to offer worldwide accomodations. This includes, air, land and sea, hotels, resorts, cruises, concerts and sporting events.  Visit us at