Weight Loss Consultation

Chicago Weight Loss Doctor

There is no fee for the initial weight loss consultation. Our Nutritionist provides oversight to customize the needs of each client. She focuses on life-style changes that favor muscle development and boosting energy and metabolism. Most people join programs with the idea that they wish to lose weight.  With supervision the participants in the Flawless Weight Loss program come to understand that they are not “trying to lose weight” they are in fact “trying to lose fat”.  Metabolism boosting and a gradual progressive increase in activity favor muscle development.  Muscle and fat cannot coexist.  As muscle tone and bulk increase fat is displaced.  Keep in mind muscle is 25 times heavier than fat.  A golf ball of muscle weighs the same as a basketball of fat. Participants note that their dress sizes decrease more rapidly than their weight.  This is encouraging and exactly what we want.  Calorie reduction alone without supporting muscle actually reduces the metabolism.  When your metabolism decreases you can eat less and actually gain weight. Calorie reduction combined with muscle support increases metabolism, improves condition, overall health and reduces total body fat content. We have learned that this is the most effective strategy for long term fat reduction.  You will feel good and look good.