Butt Lift Chicago and Orland Park


Grade 1 Bootyosis has neither width nor projection.

Grade 2 Bootyosis has one but not the other. If they have width they lack projection, if they have projection they lack width

Grade 3 Bootyosis is considered ideal in both dimensions.

Grade 4 Bootyosis is considered excessive

Chicago Butt Lift

chicago-butt-liftThe Chicago Butt Lift is a technique invented by Dr. Tinsley. The popularity of the butt lift was first driven by surgeons in South America, initially Venezuela and then Brazil. The procedure became popular as a simple minimally invasive way to improve the butt’s appearance without problematic implants or dangerous injections. The procedure spread across America and exploded with the apple bottom craze. Suddenly entertainers were being assessed not only by their talent but by their butts. The cultural definitions of ideal changed and women wanted enhancements that met popular ideals rather than their own ethnic standards. The cute little beach bootys were no longer adequate for mainstream. The bikini butts looked great on the beach in a swimsuit but were lost in jeans or business attire. The butts from Brazil simply were not impressive in dresses, skirts or athletic wear. They also could not compete with the famous behinds of pop stars like Jennifer, Beyoncé or Nicki. The Chicago Butt Lift was born to meet these ideals in elegant fashion. Any woman can now achieve a custom designed Grade 3 buttocks.

The Procedure

A butt lift is actually a fat transfer. The procedure begins with liposuction. Fat is typically removed from the abdomen, flanks and back. It can also be removed from the inner and outer thighs. In the past this fat was simply discarded. Today, however, liposuction patients have the option of donating their fat to the buttocks region. The procedure begins with a preop consult to first determine if the procedure and anesthesia are safe for that particular person. The ideal candidate is healthy with a BMI less than 31. The patient reviews their desires in detail prior to the procedure. The patient, not the surgeon, decides the goals. Fat is harvested from the body and transferred directly into the butt through a small hidden incision. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis with anesthesia and the patient goes home the same day. The anesthesia is local with IV sedation. Patients are not “put to sleep” they simply “fall asleep” and don’t feel, hear, see or remember anything. Antibiotics and pain killers are given during and after the procedure. Typically surgery done on Friday follows up on Monday and goes back to work Tuesday.


Special compression garments must be worn for several weeks to cover all areas that received liposuction. These garments are also designed to contour the buttocks region during the recovery period.

The Cost for A Butt Lift

A butt lift cannot be performed without liposuction.   The liposuction fees are based on the number segments treated. For example the entire abdomen is one segment, both flanks is one segment, the back is one segment, the arms are one segment, both inner thighs is one segment. Combining the abdomen, flanks and back would be 3 segments. Don’t forget to ask about the teaching/marketing option to save on these procedures. Call today to schedule your preop consult to achieve ideal contours…coming and going!